Thin Joint Technology

Thin Joint Masonry

Thin Joint Masonry is recognised as a Modern Method of Construction which provides an alternative to traditional sand/cement mortar allowing the depth of the mortar to be reduced from at least 10mm to 3mm or less. It is a fast clean accurate system of construction which uses autoclaved aerated concrete blocks of close dimensional tolerance with 2-3mm mortar joints.
With the increasing emphasis on higher build quality, improved thermal performance, airtightness, greater productivity, and waste reduction that is expected within the UK construction industry today, the benefits of Thin Joint Masonry are becoming increasingly more relevant. The SIM/Passive House concept is based on the principles of all-around super-insulation, avoiding cold bridging, incorporating high levels of air tightness.
The system of Thin Joint Masonry has many of the characteristics of traditional blockwork construction hence there is familiarity and flexibility with the build process.
The benefits of Thin Joint Masonry are:
Faster build speed      Increased productivity      Improved airtightness
Higher build quality      Dramatically Improved thermal performance      Reduced site wastage