StairAID is an innovative and inexpensive way of allowing the user the freedom to live at home and continue to use their stairs even if their mobility is restricted through anything from a sports injury to a permanent disability. It is easily removable when not in use and has the added benefit of being ideal for rehabilitation.
The system allows a user with restricted mobility to safely and easily use their own stairs and the unique double hand grip gives a lower grip for climbing up and a higher one for coming down.
Manufactured from aluminium the product is both very strong and light. The toothed rack is polycarbonate with an aluminium protective cover. The StairAID unit can be easily removed from the hand rail for discreet storage or short term use and leaves a seemingly standard hand rail in place.

How it works
It is simple, but the details of the system have actually taken years to develop. The handrail glides up freely and is locked in place by a ratchet system designed specifically for this purpose. Like all great inventions, it took minutes to conceive of the idea but years of trials to develop the unique system. For more information click here to visit the StairAID website.
Longridge Contracts are the South East approved supplier and installer for StairAID.
StairAID is easy to fit:
The brackets, handrails, teeth and teeth cover are supplied already screwed to the 4.2m
timber backing support. The complete unit is fixed to the stair wall.
The StairAID unit then easily slides on (and off) the hand rail.